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Olaf Brzeski

1994-1995 - studied at the Faculty of Architecture of Technical University in Wroclaw
1995-2000 - studied at the Faculty of Sculpture at the Wroclaw Academy of Art and Design
Lives and works in Wroclaw

It is with a remar­kable sense of imagination that Olaf Brzeski (born 1975) rein­ter­prets the tradition and scope of sculp­ture. Many of the artist’s works refer direc­tly to the human form, enac­ting not so much the physical as the emotional depths of the sub­ject. Brzeski’s sculp­tural bodies are replete with the unexpec­ted, the uncanny, the unnatural and the over­sized. The source of these fan­tastic, astonishing forms is always the idea, then the sketch – as the sim­plest metaphor for the act of creation