Lise Rask

About Lise Rask

Stretching between Berlin, Copenhagen and southern Sweden Lise Rask works with cultural production and academic research in the field of urban studies and urban planning.

Through various platforms such as exhibitions, audio productions, workshops and writings Lise Rask seeks to contribute to the dialogue about how the urban environment, not least urban politics, impacts on social patterns and individual lives. A central aim is to nuance and communicate the manyfold layers of any particular social restrain or possibility we experience in everyday live. Not as comprehensive explanations but as an opening for further reflection and engagement.

Lise Rask is part of the artistic/curatorial collective Sounds Construction who founded the summer school program 'Ljudskolan' (the Sound School). The Sound School is an interdisciplinary experiment where the concepts of 'sound' and 'school' are re-interpreted through a mixture of journalistic, artistic, academic and social collaborative methods.

Lise Rask teaches as an external lecturer at the program of Urban Planing, Roskilde University, Denmark.

Residency at KAAF

With my residency at KAAF I had the privileged opportunity to learn about and engage with the artistic and architectural discourse emerging from and revolving around Tehran's rapidly changing urban realities.

As part of the curatorial team for the exhibition 'Flanerie' I had the chance to meet and collaborate with many passionate professionals and volunteers around the KAAF Institute contributing an inspiring variety of professional fields and perspectives.

My encounters with the people of KAAF has not only been an introduction for me to the artistic and architectural scene of Tehran, but also a chance to develop and reflect on my own practice. Something I undoubtedly will take up and draw on in future works.